When I hear those words, I visualize Jim sitting at his desk on the set of The Office. Impersonating Dwight on one of his daily pranks. It’s just the best scene. Jim is so spot on. Dwight is just so confused until he finally realizes he is looking at himself. I’m laughing just writing about it.

I just love to laugh.

Season 3, Episode 21 – “Product Recall”. Yes, I know the exact episode like I know my kids birthdays. I could speak in quotes from The Office if only other people knew what I was talking about or referencing.

For those who know me well they know I watch The Office every-single-friggin’-day. It’s like my morning cup of coffee (I don’t drink coffee), I NEED to laugh to start my day, it’s part of who I am. Does that sound a little dramatic? Maybe weird? Ah, to be honest I don’t really care about what that makes me sound like. I love The Office and I love to laugh and it feels authentic to me, so thats all that matters.

Do you have a show, book, movie that you could just watch a thousand times and never get sick of? Have a favourite website, blog, brand, product?

I have a list and it is always growing (and yes most of the books are teen fiction, it’s my guilty pleasure). Check out the list if you have managed to read this far in my musings for the day 🙂

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