Morning COVID routine:

  1. Wake up, roll out of bed and head downstairs to the kitchen.
  2. Take a shot of Xtra Sharp. Followed by a huge drink of water to take away the awful taste left in my mouth from the Xtra Sharp.
  3. Check the weather from my kitchen window. Make a mental note to check the pool chemicals, and do some yard work tonight.
  4. Walk over to my kitchen table. Which has become my business center, design space and aquaponic grow center. (we will explain that more in a later post)
  5. Click my Bluetooth keyboard until the monitors flash to life.

And work starts for the day. My kids are usually sleeping when I wake. Partly because I’m not good at keeping a routine and I am a night owl. They take after me, staying up way past most parents “kid’s bedtime” hours.

I should also mention. Last week my family and I were camping in the mountain. After a week away a layer of cat hair chunks has spread throughout my house. My 20-year-old cat likes to pick out his fur often and leave hair spread out everywhere. Right now, it looks like a cat groomer was hear with 15 cats… I digress.

So there you have it. I have laid the scene for yesterday morning.

Picture the routine. Me sitting at my kitchen table/business centre starting work for the day. The house is a hot 24 degrees celcius. So I head over and turn the air conditioning on and set it full blast.

Yesterday morning started out like any other morning. I checked emails then responded to emails. Made notes for meetings later in the day and checked in with colleagues via zoom.

Then, like an instant wave of a Southern Alberta chinook, my allergies hit me. I mean, all faucets in my head turned on full force. Running nose, sneezing, watering eyes. I was dying, metaphorically. And while kleenex is currently rationed, I was going through kleenex like a toddler on their first birthday.

What the heck was making my allergies flare up?

I popped 2 allergies pills and started pulling out all my home remedies to try to suppress the symptoms. with nostrils stuffed with tissue and some Benedryl on stand-by, nothing was working.

So I got up from my desk and it’s as if I had laser vision! My damn cat’s hairy sleeping pillow was covering the air vent beside my desk… It’s as though my life is a joke of my own making.

Cats, allergies, and air conditioning.

It’s confirmed, I can’t live in denial any longer. I’m allergic to cat dander. I have been avoiding the diagnosis for years. I can’t get enough of my fluffy little feline friends whether they kill me or not.

This is Georgia. He is 20 years old. He is the reason for my allergies and the reason I’m constantly cleaning up cat hair chunks. He may be old and senile but I love him to bits.

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