Today while collecting resources to share for this post I found out my friend passed away. I had been planning to share with you my three design mentors from the past 2 decades. People who I have worked with and learned from and who have shaped my design life. Why? Because good art needs to be shared.

Today I’m going to write about one of the three instead, the other two I will share later.

Dale Nigle Goble. He was my friend, mentor. We worked alongside each other in his small, sweet little studio in downtown Duncan, BC. I was fresh on the heels of my university education. Completing my required 6-week practicum with Dale at dng23 Studio. It was a dream come true to finally put my skills out into the real world. I felt so fortunate to have stumbled upon Dale’s studio while looking for my practicum. His studio was so bright and happy and full of art and inspiration and in my hometown too.

dng23 Studio in Duncan, BC. The little desk to the right in the photo was where I got to start my career. The cloud picture i received as a gift from Dale and it hangs fondly on my office wall at the University too.

Today I while searching for the good ol’ dng23 website to share in this post all I ran into was a suspended site. So I searched Dales name on google thinking he must have changed the URL. I clicked on the first google link that came up and unknowingly stumbled upon Dale’s obituary…

My friend, a mentor, an inspiration, a kind, and caring soul. Gone too soon.

Pieces of his art curated on my walls now set a reminder to keep making art. I will remember his art, passion, and the legacy of beautiful creation he left behind.

Here are some of the beautiful art Dale created and I want to share them with you. You can see the beauty he brought to the world in his short time here.

I’m not sure how to say goodbye my friend, I wish I would have found out sooner. I wish those new kidneys would have given you a new life to enjoy. We will meet again on the other side.

Photo taken from Dale’s Facebook and Instagram.

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